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Why DevOps Changes Everything

Jeffery Payne, Coveros, Inc.
DevOps is more than a buzzword or a passing fad. It's a radical new approach to rapidly deliver and manage high quality software applications. However, many organizations don't fully grasp the magnitude of this change or what it means for everyone involved in the software development lifecycle. When done well, DevOps drives higher quality and efficiency into software development, software testing, and application management activities. It empowers teams to remove quality and productivity impediments throughout the entire software lifecycle. When done poorly, critical bugs are deployed directly into production and software failures increase. Today, team members are often confused about their changing role and become frustrated. Jeffery Payne discusses how DevOps changes everything and what you must implement to reap the benefits of this movement. Learn what steps to take to successfully implement a DevOps process while avoiding the pitfalls. Take home ideas for how to leverage DevOps to advance your career.

Better Thinking for Better Software: Thinking Critically about Software Development

Laurent Bossavit Laurent Bossavit, Institut Agile
To paraphrase a famous Albert Einstein quote—We cannot solve our problems by applying the same level of thinking that we used when we created them. Although Einstein was originally talking about war, this also is applicable to software development, where one level of thinking—known as software engineering—has prevailed for the past four decades. Laurent Bossavit explores why several of the key assumptions are no longer—or never were—credible. These include the cost of defects curve, the notion of 10x engineers, and the origin of software bugs. Not stopping at debunking suspect claims and sharing techniques to expose them, Laurent goes on to explain the driving motivation which helped the claims become widespread—a misguided search for universal laws of software development—and suggests an alternative approach at a different level, hinted at by lean and agile practices. In this alternative approach each of us, backed by hard data and critical thinking, puts on the scientist's lab coat in search of local truths within our development organizations.

Lean UX: Turn User Experience Design Inside Out

Jeff Patton Jeff Patton, Jeff Patton & Associates
It's usually the finer points of the user experience (UX) design that separate good-enough software from really-great software. For companies launching new products or adding new capabilities, how well they understand their users and their needs differentiates the wild successes from the dismal failures. This is user experience design, and doing it well in the past took experienced specialists and lots of time. But the world has changed. Jeff Patton describes how Lean UX turns product design into a team sport in which everyone participates. Learn how Lean UX thinking breaks what we thought were good design rules. In Lean UX design, it's OK to guess. It's OK for developers to talk to users. It's OK for bad artists to design user interfaces. And, it's OK to demonstrate half-baked ideas. You'd think that if we break all these rules, good user experience couldn't possibly result—but it does. Jeff shares examples of how all this rule breaking is supported by a culture of experimentation and learning—and that makes all the difference.

Shaping the Future of Agile Software Development

Christin Wiedemann, Professional Quality Assurance, Ltd.
Software development needs to continuously re-invent itself to take full advantage of new and evolving technology trends—and to keep up with user expectations. Are our agile approaches evolving as quickly as the new technologies, or are we being left behind as we use the same methods and techniques of a decade ago? Christin Wiedemann says that the future of agile development is ours to shape, and in shaping it we must be willing to question our habits and overturn today's conventions. We must create a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Christin shares what she means by innovation and why the future of agile depends on innovation. She explores ideas around brainstorming and collaboration, and discusses the importance of having the creativity and courage to investigate new approaches. Christin says we must continuously challenge and question methods, techniques, and core beliefs. Discover new insights that can change how you view the future of agile.
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"Thank you for the conference. This is a wonderful contribution to our industry. Love to come back and hear the experts."
Sheetal Rai, Quality Engineer
"This was my first software/agile development conference—very well coordinated and looking forward to attend future ones."
Stran Sin Park, Software Quality Assurance Tester
"Interacting with participants and speakers is enlightening and enjoyable. The combination of process management and technical sessions are very benificial."
Eva Mui, Sr. Product Engineer
"As a first time attendee, i was very impressed by the entire conference. Perfect balance of technical & more managerial. I would recommend to anyone in the software industry."
Richard Isle, Leader, Software Development