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Agile Leadership Summit

"Business Agility = Product + Technology in Close Collaboration"
Thursday, June 7 • 5:30 pm–7:30 pm and Friday, June 8  • 8:30 am–4:00 pm

Agile Leadership Summit

The highest performing agile organizations know the importance of and have succeeded in cross-functional alignment, integration, and partnership. And the partnership between product and technology—which is most critical to achieving agile results in the business—is a partnership that many organizations struggle to achieve.

For agile to operate in a balanced fashion and deliver the most value, technology teams and product teams must be aligned and collaborative, working as equal partners at all levels of the organizational structure—teams, management, and senior leadership.

The program chair and facilitator for the Agile Leadership Summit is Bob Galen, who will be guiding group sessions to maximize the learning and impact to your greatest challenges. With twenty-five years of in-the-trenches practical leadership experience, Bob is an enterprise and leadership agile coach for Zenergy Technologies and a Scrum Alliance trainer for the Certified Agile Leadership program.

Agile Leadership Summit participants have a valuable opportunity to learn from real-world practitioners, leaders, and coaches who are changing the way product and development teams collaborate. Discuss organizational strategies and models that work. Learn how to lead toward success. Explore Big Wall planning as a means of understanding effective and inclusive portfolio level decision making.

Examine the importance of customer alignment all the way through to the individual team member. Explore models for creating and maintaining top-down customer and product alignment.

And the learning will not be academic. Each of our presenters is actively practicing agile in the real world. They share their stories, tactics, and strategies for firming up this partnership—between product and technology—so your agile transformation truly delivers on all cylinders.